Sunday, 6 July 2008

The John Paul Jones Museum

The John Paul Jones Museum

This Museum is run by Dumfries Museums, but would not be in existence but for the generosity of Americans, who travel to Scotland to see his birthplace. After John Paul Jones' family died out the cottage, sadly, fell into ruin. In 1832 a Lt Pinckham who visited the site, was so appalled at the state of it that he paid for repairs to be done. This cost £25.00 (oh, that house repairs were still at these prices today!)

Next to help was an Admiral Wright,who, having retired from the US Navy, raised funds, so that it could opened as a Museum in 1993.

At the back of the cottage, an extension was added which has been made to look like his cabin in the Bonhomme Richard.

In the grounds a commemorative Rose Garden has been planted, and there is a lovely picnic area where one can look out over the sea to the coast of England. I just love this picnic area.

I could not resist adding the pictures of the two self appointed guardians of the Museum, Mojo and Tilly who take their work very seriously!

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Matt Sinclair said...

Nice post. As someone who's read a great deal about John Paul Jones, I hope one day to visit the museum.