Friday, 26 September 2008

What is the Connection between the 2 local Newspapers and the Ruthwell Cross?

What is the Connection between the 2 local Newpapers in Dumfries & Galloway and the Ruthwell Cross?

In SW Scotland we have 2 local Newpapers. The Dumfries & Galloway Standard, and the Dumfries Courier.

They were founded in 1843,with the aim of broadening the minds of the local people to appreciate not just local news but also news of world events.

The Standard is published twice a week, whilst the Courier is a free paper published once per week. In fact as I write this I am expecting to hear the Courier being delivered to my home any minute!

So who was the founder of these Newspapers?

None other than the multi -talented Rev Dr Henry Duncan!

Sunday, 21 September 2008

The connection between the Ruthwell Cross and Britain's first fossil find.

The Connection between the Ruthwell Cross and Britain's first fossil find.

Here we can see the distinct footprint of a dinosaur. This is the first one to be found in the British Isles. It was found in a quarry at Lochmaben in SW Scotland. This footprint can be seen at the Museum of the Royal Society in Edinburgh.

So what is the connection with this footprint and the Ruthwell Cross?

Well, the extremely talented Rev. Henry Duncan was the man who discovered and identified it. After his discovery Henry Duncan presented a paper to the Royal Society in Edinburgh.

It is somehow appropriate that Scotland was the first country to set in place a Fossil Code, which gives guidelines about looking for, collecting, treatment of fossils etc. thus aiming to preserve the rich fossil heritage of Scotland.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Back in business

Well I do not know what I did to lose my layout, it has been a long struggle to get things put right, but now with thanks to Skyler and Glenn in Utah I have finally got both the Blog and the layout back! Yippeeee.

There will be a new post next week about a dinsosaur fossil, and its link to the Ruthwell Cross.