Saturday, 11 October 2008

A Mediaeval Village at Caerlaverock Castle

Mediaeval Scotland

Recently I went to see a working medaeval village. The backdrop was Caerlaverock Castle. It was a very spectacular sight. Firstly I shall show some photos, before going into some interesting historical details.

The day was run by Historic Scotland, and member groups from all over Scotland dress up to show how a Mediaeval village would have operated.On the day, boys could train to be knights, girls to be Princesses, and those not wishing to be either could become merchants. Each received a certificate at the end of the day to show they had passed their training. A great way to keep the children occupied, and a wonderful way to learn history.

During the day there was a battle, involving the children, and another involving the members of the Border Clans.

Demonstrating how the weapons were used.

Making bows, and playing musical instruments

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Michelle (artscapes) said...

Now that looks seriously amazing!