Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Doon features on the the WWT Posters

Doon Features on the WWT posters.

We are experiencing lovely clear frosty days at present. Ideal weather to go to visit Caerlaverock, and the swans. Compared to my last visit the area is now populated mainly by swans, which is some sight to see, and HEAR! because the sound of them can be heard quite some distance away as they chatter away to each other constantly. They are very social birds. I hurried down to the hide where staff were busy counting and identifying each swan. However I was told that I had just missed Doon and his family by about 15 minutes. He had been travelling with cygnets from 3 years ago, as well as this year's family. The staff member told me that Doon is the best swan to sponsor as he has such a large family! Apparently he had moved off to a nearby field to graze with a large flock of swans. I saw them as I left, but they were just too far away to get a photo.

I have to say the sight of such large numbers of such graceful beautiful,(and very noisy!) birds is something I feel blessed to have witnessed, and heard.

After being out in the cold, my sister and I went for some delicious hot homemade soup in the WWT centre. There I saw the poster of Doon with Kate Humble (WWT president) with MY swan.

This is a photo of a swan with a satellite tracker attached to its back, just the same as Doon has. Each of these trackers costs in the region of £20,000! All the more reason for people to sponsor birds.

Another swan family arrives to feed.

I took some digital film of the swans, and when I get the time to process it all, I shall attempt to put it on the blog so that you can all see and hear the Whoopers.

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Michelle (artscapes) said...

I look forward to the video... I'd love to hear them! It is so wonderful that you are so passionate about this significant and majestic bird.

I don't know why, but, I was thinking one of my favourite childhood stories was the 'Ugly Duckling'... :)