Tuesday, 20 January 2009

There is a lot of other wildlife at Caerlaverock

Caerlaverock's other wildlife
On the continuing theme of Swans and geese one might perhaps have asked oneself how on earth they manage to get the birds ringed and attach the satellite trackers to them. Here is a photo to show how they are encouraged, at feeding times, into an enclosure on the loch, where staff are able to do this. I have also been told about all the bruises staff receive whilst performing this valuable task!

As well as all the swans, geese and other migrating birds other forms of wildlife are encouraged at Caerlaverock. I managed to catch a "reasonable" photo of the robin which had been eating the corn at on the plinth of the bust of Sir Peter Scott. All fluffed up, he was, on a very cold day.

Bird feeders are everywhere and the birds familiar to most Scottish gardens take advantage of them.

Special woodpiles have been set up to encourage insects to make their homes in. You can do this too in your own garden by simply drilling holes in logs of wood.

Hebridean Sheep - a fine fellow.

Natterjack Toad

Most interestingly Caerlaverock is home to a colony of rare Natterjack Toads. To help maintain their habitat there are some Hebridean Sheep who graze in the marshy grass and keep it at just the right height for these toads to thrive in.
WWT Caerlaverock showing tall hide from where the bird varieties are counted.


Adullamite said...

Rather you than me near yon sheep! He looks like he is from Glasgow! :)

wowcthis said...

Awwwwww the wee soul is just answering the call of nature!!!!!Look closer......

FishHawk said...

Hey you cantankerous old coot, leave this nice lady's sheep alone!!!