Friday, 13 June 2008

Cycling Holidays and a Secret Place

Cycling in South West Scotland

As we have already seen the bicycle was invented in this area, and because of this, there are many cycling facilities in SW Scotland.

The European Union gave a grant to develop cycle paths, and the National Cycle Network which passes through this area gives the opportunity to explore a variety of differing scenery.

Someone once told me that Dumfries & Galloway has every type of landscape which Scotland is famous for. As I pondered this, I realised that it is a very true statement. From rolling hills to mountains and glens - beaches, lochs, and rivers, lush farmland, forests, and moorland, it is all here! and to cap it all the weather is much milder than in other parts of the country, as our coastline is warmed by the waters of the Gulf Stream.

A Secret Place

I was once at a play during the Edinburgh Festival, which was acted in French. Afterwards I had the privilege to meet up with some of the actors. We were discussing where we each came from, and one of them told me he came from a Secret Place, in France, which, translated meant, that it was a place which is not generally known to people. When he said this, I realised that I too came from a Secret Place!

When most people come to Scotland they head up to Edinburgh, the North and the Highlands, missing out the South West. This of course makes it ideal for cycling as there is less traffic on the roads. The area is mainly rural, so the opportunity to be out in the wide open spaces without having to negotiate towns & cities is welcome by cyclists here. Yes it really is a Secret Place. It is My Scotland!

For those who prefer to be off the roads there is ample opportunity to visit the 7 stanes centres within the forests of the area. There are 5 of these centres here.

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Mountain Bike Trail Rider said...

The 7 Stanes are an awesome facility for locals and visitors alike. I'm originally from Dumfries and now live in Edinburgh but I regularly come back down for the cycling!


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