Tuesday, 3 June 2008

My Favourite Castle - Caerlaverock Castle


This has to be the most beautiful of all Castles in Scotland. It has a unique triangular design with towers at each point of the triangle, and is surrounded by a moat.Entrance is gained via the drawbridge. Set in a willow wooded area on the Solway Firth, it dates back to the 13th century, and was the stronghold of the Maxwell Clan.

Edward 1, Hammer of the Scots, captured it in 1300 and it remained in English hands for 12 years until it was reclaimed for Robert the Bruce.

Because of flooding a new Castle was constructed in 1600 in Classical Renaissance style.

At the gatehouse it is possible to see the initials of Robert Burns who paid a visit there in 1776.

I simply love this place and always take visitors to the area there. There are woodland walks and a nature trail behind the building. Once when I visited there was a jousting show with Medaeval Knights and horses wearing each Knight's livery. There was also a falconry display, and one of the hawks liked the area so much it would not come back! -- much to everyone's amusement, and the HORROR of the local bird population!

Renaissance Style

Maxwell Tartan